Audit Management - Schedule and manage audits through a single platform

Organization in todays digital era and cross border business needs to ensure the audits are conducted at regular intervals to ensure the compliance level across their departments and business as a whole. Tracking and managing audits has been the most cumbersome task for any organization. Compliance Foresight - Audit Management unified platform manages the entire audit cycle and give the customer confidence and real time picture of the organization.

3rd Party Risk Management - All in one platform

3rd Parties are very critical to organization functionalities and success. In todays digital era where data is flowing seamlessly, it is critical to ensure the 3rd parties / vendors are following all security parameters. Also it becomes the critical responsibilities of the organziation to verify security parameters of their vendors from time to time and ensure compliance.

ISO Compliance - the most widely accepted compliance across the globe

The most widely accepted and one of the most trusted cyber security compliance across the globe. However to manage the compliance and business security across process and technologies across the departments/business units is a lengthy process and often many details can be missed. Compliance Foresight - ISO unified platform ensures the ISO compliance is visible and managed across micro level with real time dashbaords, reports. Find out