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Customized Set of Compliance Solutions for SMB and MSME Sectors and SaaS products


SaaS Services and Offerings

MSME and SMB sectors are the more vulnerable to Cyber Security Challenges since they have limited resources available at their disposal.

Whitehats has specially designed SaaS Offerings for SMB and MSME sectors that can help them scale without the need to think about the financials. Ability to pay as you go model or quarterly / monthly / yearly helps them cut down cost and focus on their business while we take care of their Security needs and SaaS products.

on demand application

Application Security is the core for any business and for SMB and MSME it may be the only means of Business showcase to world.

Protect your application with On Demand Application Security

Policy and procedures and related documents are core for any compliances. For MSME and SMB sector, designing policies becomes a major challenge.

Design your policies at ease with pay as you go model. Special pricing for MSME and SMB Sectors.


Multiple Audits – one platform. In today’s world of compliance, audits form the major areas for achieving compliance.

Specially designed for MSME and SMB Sectors, maintaining and completing audits is like a cake walk.