MSME Compliances

MSME Compliances play a crucial role in promoting good governance, ethical business conduct, and sustainable development within the MSME sector. By adhering to these compliances, MSMEs can enhance their credibility, mitigate risks, and unlock opportunities for growth and expansion.

MSME Compliances

MSME Compliances

Compliance is the cornerstone of trust in the MSME ecosystem, fostering transparency, accountability, and long-term success.

MSME Compliances in India are crucial for ensuring legal compliance, accessing benefits and incentives, facilitating business growth, mitigating risks, enhancing competitiveness, promoting ethical practices, and receiving government support and recognition. Compliance is not merely a regulatory obligation but also a strategic imperative for the sustainable growth and success of MSMEs in India’s dynamic business environment.

Whitehats MSME Store

Web Application Pay Per Scan

₹ 5501.00

Blackbox Web Application Scanning for 1 web application 1 time. The price mentioned is pay per scan

Maximum 5 Applications / Order

ISO 27001:2022

₹ 12001 / Quarter

ISO 27001:2022 Control Testing application- Compliance Tracking and evidence upload only. Read More

Maximum 50 Assets to be considered

DataForesight PII

₹ 8001 / User / Year

  1. Min 20 – Max 50 Users
  2. 1 year License
  3. Mail Support ( 5×8 Business Hours )
  4. Link for downloading agents and other details will be provided on mail

DataForesight - Desktop Edition

₹ 40001

  1. 10 users
  2. 3 Months License 
  3. Mail Support ( 5×8 Business Hours )
  4. Link for downloading software will be provided on mail 

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