Next Gen GRC Automation

Scalable and Customizable Cyber Security GRC Framework with focus on GRC for  SMB and motive as “GRC for All.

compliance foresight
Complaince foresight

Compliance Foresight

Compliance Foresight is a scalable GRC framework with customized solutions and pre built compliance’s. The ability to integrate any solutions to map the risks and show real time governance data makes it one of the class solutions in GRC field. The Solution has the capability to work on premise or Cloud or over VPN Cloud .


Problem Management

Customized Dashboards

Compliance Foresight offers predefined dashboards and also get your custom dashboards designed to suit your business needs. 

Complaince foresight
Complaince foresight


Integrate your GRC solution with your scanning solutions and email integrations. Azure AD , SSO and other integrations are possible.

Workflows and Notifications

Workflows and notifications can be used together to automate tasks and keep users informed of the status of work.

Complaince foresight


With expertise in consulting for more than 2 decades, Compliance Foresight solution has been designed with Compliance at the core focus and understanding the needs of SMB sectors 

Low Turn Around Time

Most of the solutions are already prebuilt to ensure that customer gets the solutions up and running at least possible timeline

Real Time Trends and Dashboards

With real time integrations and real time dashboards and trends, it becomes easy for customers to view their data flow

Always Available Support

Support model already included in license ensures that customers needs are always addressed in terms of designing the solution as per their requirements


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