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VM Foresight - Vulnerability Management

“Effective Vulnerability Management is a pain area for any organization. There are many scanning solutions in the market with top class detection methods and detection of zero day exploits as well. Vulnerability Management is the key to start the cyber security in an organization."


The key problem lies with finding the relevant vulnerabilities and how to mitigate the risks. All the scanning results needs to be integrated with some solution and build a task force to track the closures.Scanning solution generates huge amount of information, however how to prioritize the closures and tracking with exceptions is the most complex part and moreover 80% organization use excel and manual methods to track the closures.


VM Foresight aims to make it easy for the organizations to maintain the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, right from start to identify to closures and exceptions, VMForesight does it all. This solution is very simple and easy to use with integration of nessus raw files and presents analytics to drill down and gets the best possible solution. It has features as

L1, L2 Workflow

User Analytics

Trend Analysis and CVE Analytics

Asset Management, Department level analytics and many more


Very Effective Vulnerability Management, Management Dashboards, Vulnerability Insights to help take effective decision making, address vulnerabilities at the top most level, Clear all your audits and see trends on reducing vulnerabilities.

VMForesight - is the Right Answer

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