The key problem lies with finding the relevant data and where it is located. This is the most critical aspect of Data Security and Governance. Identifying data types, finding relevant data and location of the data is the key challenge.

“GDPR PII- Compliance the most stringent for European Union people and rights of the people to ensure their data is protected at all times. Data is present at all times at all places and specially for fintech companies and lending companies that deals with digital data to provide financing. Data Foresight is a tool that helps identify data types and their locations to find the most relevant data in the environment


Define data types, segregate data types, identification made easy and fast action with appropriate methods are the key solution to the problem.


Effective Data insights with relevant data and their informations helps Organization take more informed decisions and better security governance. To minimize Security breach it is important for the Organizations to work on selective and better data insights.

Data Foresight - is the Right Answer